Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle

Meet the super fun jigsaw game experience with Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle ®! Download today this one-of-a-kind puzzle, and explore unique gameplay with high-quality photos and hundreds of exciting levels. Drag the hexa pieces onto the board, train your matching skills and complete the quest.


Explore hundreds of puzzle levels with high definition photos of puppies, kittens, street art, and amazing images. Solve free jigsaw levels, it’s the ultimate time killer to pass the time on the bus, on the plane, and anywhere! Indulge yourself with some of these fun puzzles today.

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of its kind - The first Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle game of its kind!

Daily and Weekly puzzle - in addition to regular levels. Complete them to win

incredible prizes!

Free hints

win free hints to complete puzzles faster!

Thousands of


with various pictures to stimulate your brain!

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