Guide to Finding and Playing the Original Bubble Shooter Game

Get ready for hours of blasting fun with the original Bubble Shooter game developed by Ilyon Dynamics! We’ve taken the old retro version and revamped it with puzzles and challenges, amazing graphics, and new levels. Need a game for a flight or long car ride where service is spotty? The mobile version of the original Bubble Shooter game will work without WiFi or cell phone service, so you can play it anytime and anywhere. Everyone loves the color-matching, popping gameplay. It’s easy to get started! Just follow this Bubble Shooter guide.

Where to Find the Original Bubble Shooter Game

The Original Bubble Shooter game is available free on mobile and the web! While the mobile game is available from all the most popular app stores, it is easy to just play it on the web. You don’t have to worry about downloading anything when you play it right on your web browser

Basic Rules of the Original Bubble Shooter  

On touch screen devices, hold your finger down on the screen and drag it around to aim. If you’re playing the web-based version, use the mouse to aim your bubble and move its trajectory around. When you lift up your finger or your mouse, the bubble at the bottom will blast away. You can even do bounce shots off the side of the game window. Your goal is to match the color of your bubble with two or more of the target bubbles. So, if you shoot ammo bubble and it hits only one like-colored bubble, it will stick in place. When you stick three or more of the same color together, the bubbles will fall away. Your goal is to pop all the bubbles in the least amount of moves. 

In order to help you strategize your moves, the original bubble shooter will show you the color of the next bubble you will use as ammo. It will appear to the right side of your ammo bubble and will be smaller with arrows rotating around it. Popping 10 or more bubbles at once will charge a booster bomb that you can use to blast away nearby bubbles. Bubbles that are bi-colored can be popped by either matching the ammo bubble to either color.

As the game progresses in levels, it will become trickier to match 3 colors together. Like the game of pool, you must use bounce and trick shots to get those bubbles popped. The fewer moves you use to pop the bubbles, the higher your score will be. 


Every day, you can collect a daily reward in this original bubble shooter mobile game which usually offers up coins you can use to buy gameplay items, like nuclear bombs, line bombs, and fireballs. As you play and complete levels, you will unlock new missions, rewards, and an option to create or join teams in the mobile version. Joining a team will earn you free gifts and rewards as well. The game app also gives you stats on top players and teams globally and locally.

Classic Mode

The classic mode is a simplified version of the original Bubble Shooter game. You still need to match three of the same colored bubbles to pop them. Use strategy to move through the levels and solve puzzles.

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode is a retro version with fewer power-ups and boosts. Work your way through levels as they get more challenging. Sometimes you have to enjoy the simple things in life like retro games that bring us a sense of nostalgia. 

Bubble Shooter Gameplay Guide

The Original Bubble Shooter game has very easy to follow rules, making it great for everyone in the family to enjoy. The game will start you out on level one. On mobile devices and tablets, it will give you on-screen instructions to get you familiar as you play. You can also switch between ‘Classic’ and ‘Arcade’ modes in the settings menu when you’re playing on mobile.

Bubble Shooter 2 and 3

Ilyon Dynamics Ltd. also created Bubble Shooter 2 and Bubble Shooter 3 for hours of extra fun. Discover new levels, puzzles, and challenges to test your skills. Unlock extra boosts and power-ups to blast more bubbles at once! Be warned, you just might become addicted to the Original Bubble Shooter and its sister games.

We hope you found this Bubble Shooter guide useful. Our games are regularly updated to give you the best possible playing experience. Visit us to learn more.